Design and decoration: when do you neet it?

If the dÉcor is the most important element of the wedding for you, or if you already have a planner but you want a professional decorator and a floral designer to follow the decoration of your event, then you need wedding design and styling.

Fabio Zardi has been mentioned as one of the most influential floral designers from all around the world. Unlike most planners, we have our own workshop where we design and create unique flower arrangements. We deal with the most important flower wholesalers in Holland and we offer a large selection of decoration items (vases, lanterns, candelabra, fabrics, carpets, etc.). Every year, Fabio visits the most important international trade fairs to renew this assortment and to offer you amazing proposals matching latest trends. When Fabio prepares a bespoke project for your wedding, flower selection is the most appropriate for your color palette and the seasonality: flowers are delivered by flight and always kept in perfect conditions. Moreover, we don't have any stock (differently from what usually do other florists): flowers for your event have been purchased specially for you. And everyone can notice the difference.

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Pre-event production

  • The client fills out the Decoration Form or books an appointment
  • Preparation of a first quote with general ideas and average prices
  • Discussion with the client about the quote
  • The client approves the quote and the overall concept
  • Preparation of a detailed, itemized decoration project with photos, flower list, suggestions and price options
  • Further discussion with the client about specific details of the decoration project
  • Confirmation of the project, with the possibility to change some elements until one month before the event
  • Negotiation of payment terms, with final installment one month before the event
  • Flowers are ordered at the international Dutch flower market

Wedding week

  • Flowers are delivered by flight few days before the event and stored in the cold room, ready to be processed
  • Site inspection with the client, to check final details
  • Flower arrangements are prepared one day before the event
  • Confirmation of the time schedule of the wedding day
  • Decoration items are prepared and packed for the delivery

Wedding day

  • Bouquets and small flowers (buttohnoles, corsages, coronets, etc.) are prepared few hours before the event
  • Delivery of bouquets and small flowers
  • Delivery and setting of all arrangements and decorations to the ceremony and reception venue
  • A member of the staff takes photos of the setting to document how they look like immediately before the beginning of the ceremony
  • Collection of decorations at the end of the event

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