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Fabio Zardi offers you an highly qualified service starting with a first consultation in which we try to get an idea of your style, your personality, and the image of yourself that you want to give to your guests.


We draw together a concept for the event, and we develop it turning to the details of the project: details regarding decoration, floral design and organizational aspects for the implementation.

Each of our project is the result of many years of experience: it includes all  the details of what we want to achieve for you; each element is carefully described and accompanied by photos, renderings, alternative proposals and related cost. And after receiving the draft, we will discuss together, we will make the changes you need, we will integrate it with your new requests. At the end of this important and decisive process, you will have the idea of how your wedding will be.


We don’t like copy & paste: our company is always offering new decoration items, candelabra, light holders, lanterns, vases from the best European companies. And for flower design, we are proud to be one of the most important firms in Greece.

Fabio Zardi is well known for the unmistakable taste of creations, the professionalism of his team, as well as for the skill and precision in the management of luxury events and weddings. A bespoke service, tailor-made for your needs, your requests, your dreams, in which all his experience and expertise are put at your disposal to create something special.

Planning & coordination

If you are a final customer, we can provide you a complete planning service or just the coordination for the day of your event. If you’re a planner, we can assist you on site and provide all services in your name.

A to Z planning
strarting from

For the couple who needs a professional planning and assistance for all aspects of the wedding.

Finishing touches
starting from

For the couple who already started the planning, but needs some help and coordination.

On site coordination
starting from

For the couple who needs a professional coordination for the day of the wedding.

Wedding consultation
for 5 hours

For the couple who needs to discuss with a Planner in order to get ideas and referrals.