A choice of transparency

You probably want to see options to help guide you in the right direction. We therefore give you a first pricing overview, because we know the time and effort it takes for couples to calculate the various options. Not to mention that many couples are still figuring out exactly what they want for their wedding day during the process.

We don’t want you to waste your time or get excited about a product or service just to discover it’s outside of your budget. And we do not want you to think that our prices are higher than they are in reality.

As an expert in our industry, we know what most couples want for their wedding day, so it’s important that we guide prospective clients on what’s most common. Even if we’re flexible with our pricing and offers, we think it’s helpful to give couples a starting point.

We know that 88% of couples want to see pricing before reaching out to contact us. That’s why we chose transparency and we decided to publish our average prices. In the past, we used to say: «We don’t have a standard cost since everything is custom made» or «We’d prefer to speak with the couple before discussing pricing». The reality, though, is that brides and grooms are thinking about the amount of money they are willing to pay for wedding flowers and decorations well before they first reach out for information. And while you may have a figure in mind, you are likely to spend more once you realize all the additional value we are able to provide. I really hope that you will find it helpful to get a baseline.


  • Initial consultation: € 0
  • Bespoke estimate: € 300
  • Detailed project: free of charge
  • Site inspection: depending on the location
What we recommend

We are not asking you to sign blindly an agreement: it would not be professional. If you are interested in our services, the first thing to do is to fill out the Wedding Form: you have two forms available, one for planning and decoration, and another one just for decoration. By simply filling out the form you will understand how many aspects you should consider for your wedding. Then, once we will receive the form, we prepare a provisional quotation and we schedule a call with you to discuss about all details. It's just when you have a clear idea about our proposal that you can decide to sign the Letter of Appointment and hire our firm as your planner and/or decorator. A bespoke, itemized project will follow the booking deposit and we will start discussing all details of your event. 


Both the quotation and the bespoke project require time for their preparation; and the time we spend on this is subtracted from another client. For this reason, we are sure you will understand that we can not work for free: if you turn to our firm, it means that you are seriously interested and are not simply gathering estimates.

When this form is sent, Fabio Zardi will examine your demand based on the requested services, style and budget. If the application is accepted, you will be asked to pay a deposit of € 2,000; once the deposit is credited, we will prepare a detailed estimate. At this point you can decide whether to proceed with the confirmation, and the estimated cost will not be counted; otherwise the deposit paid will be returned, withholding only a fee of € 300.

Flowers for the Couple and their Guests

  • Bridal bouquet: € 180/250
  • Bridesmaid bouquet: € 90/150
  • Hair flower: € 30/40
  • Wrist corsage: € 30/50
  • Flower crown: € 70/100
  • Basket of petals: € 20/40
  • Paper cone with petals: € 2/5
  • Groom buttonhole: € 12/15
  • Gentlemen buttonhole: € 10/12
What we recommend

Bridal bouquet is a must, of course. For your Bridesmaids, you can have bouquets (usually smaller than yours) or single-stem flowers, wrist corsages or even coronets. The Groom should have a buttonhole: a white gardenia is almost mandatory for formal weddings. Flower girls use to wear a coronet and a small basket of flowers, but you can choose one or them; for ushers and page boys you may need a small buttonhole. If you want to through the bouquet after the reception, we recommend to have a second one simpler. At Catholic weddings the Bride should offer her bouquet to the altar of the Virgin Mary, as the Orthodox couple offers two votive candles.

We always consider to use first-quality flowers. The price of bouquets and other items may change depending on the seasonality, the complexity of assembling, the specific model. Paper cones can have a different price depending on the customization of the cone, which will be indicated separately (as for, e.g., hand fans or ceremony booklets).

Ceremony decoration

  • Wedding arch: € 800/1.500
  • Wedding gazebo/Chuppah: € 600/2.000
  • Pedestal arrangement: € 200/350
  • Hanging arrangement: € 80/180
  • Registrar table centerpiece: € 180/250
  • Aisle markers: € 80/120
  • Aisle runner: € 200
  • Chair back covers: € 20/50
  • Crystal chandelier for the gazebo: € 150
  • Lanterns or hurricanes: € 12/15
What we recommend

For a basic decoration, you may need just the decoration of the arch or the gazebo, and the registrar table centerpiece (if any). If you wish to have something more, you may add aisle markers and a couple of pedestal arrangements. A complete setting should also include the aisle runner, 2 or 4 pedestal arrangements and some lanterns. Don't forget that the ceremony venue - if it's in the same place of the reception - can be also used for the cake cutting. Or, if you wish, you could have the bridal table under the gazebo and guest tables in front, of course if the venue allows it and if there is space enough.

The price of the wedding arch includes iron structure, flowers and greeneries, while the wedding gazebo is usually already available in the venue. If this is not the case, we can provide the iron gazebo, with curtains and ceiling. For aisle markers, you need to consider how many rows of chairs you will have at either sides of the venue: you may therefore decide to have one per row, or on the first, third, fifth row, etc. So, if you have 5 rows you can have 10 aisle markers (5 x 2) or just 6 (3 x 2). Of course, if aisle markers are not hanged to the chairs but simply placed on the floor, you may spread them as you wish (but they should always be in even number). The hiring cost of the aisle runner depends on its length and on the fact that it could need to be cleaned after the ceremony. Don't forget that some arrangements (like e.g. pedestal arrangements, aisle markers and registrar table centerpiece) can be also used to decorate the reception venue.

Church decoration

  • Festoon for the door of the church: € 500/800
  • Pedestal arrangement: € 200/350
  • Lampades gamou (Orthodox): € 150/250 each
  • Carafe and glass for the Wine Ceremony (Orthodox): € 50/150
  • Tray with koufeta (Orthodox): € 30/50
  • Ceremonial crowns (Orthodox): € 50/100
  • Arrangements for the High Altar (Catholic): € 150/250 each
  • Altar centerpiece (Catholic): € 200/350
  • Arrangement for the ambo (Catholic): € 250/350
  • Pew ends: € 80/120
  • Aisle runner: € 200
  • Faldstool (Catholic): € 200/400
What we recommend

For a basic decoration of an Orthodox ceremony, you just need two lampades gamou, which are usually a gift of the witnesses (the koumparo and the koumpara). You also need the carafe and the glass for the Wine Ceremony (together with a bottle of sweet wine) and two wedding crowns. At a Catholic ceremony - which is usually celebrated during the Mass - we recommend at least a flower centerpiece on the altar. All the rest can be added at your taste, if possible avoiding any form of pomp: the church is not a botanical garden.


Unlike civil or symbolic ceremony, if you have a religious wedding you cannot bring flower arrangements after the ceremony: leaving flowers in the church is a sign of respect and a tradition that must certainly be respected. Instead, flowers for the external decoration of the church can be eventually moved to the reception venue. Of course, the transfer of those arrangements has an extra cost which will be specified before the approval of the quote.

Don't forget that some of these items could be a gift of the witnesses, like for instance the lampades gamou for the Orthodox wedding. In this case we recommend to ask the koumparo to agree with our firm a separate payment, so that you have not to include the cost in your budget.

Cocktail party

  • Small arrangement: € 90/120
  • Medium arrangement: € 120/180
  • Arrangements for the bar: € 180/250
What we recommend

If you have a cocktail party before the wedding banquet, you may consider to add some flower arrangements and other decorations. Of course, in case of a limited budget you can simply decide to move the registrar table centerpiece to the bar and the aisle markers on the high tables.


Size and model of decorations and flower arrangements can vary depending on the budget you wish to allocate. If the cocktail party takes place in a different venue, we need to add an extra fee for their transportation.


Wedding reception

  • Sweetheart table arrangement: € 180/500
Low table centerpiece: € 180/250
Tall table centerpiece: € 250/350
Arrangement for the buffet: € 150/250
Chair back cover: € 10/50
  • Tablecloths: € 60/100
  • Charger plates: € 10/30
  • Cutlery, plates, glasses: upon request
  • Tables, chairs, furnishings: upon request
What we recommend

A basic decoration should include at least the centerpiece for the bridal table and as many centerpieces as guest tables are. And if you wish to keep your budget low, you may use the registrar table centerpiece for the bridal table. Similarly, you may use pedestal arrangements to be placed behind the bridal table, or at either sides of the buffet table. Another elegant way to decrease the budget is to have a long imperial table instead of many round tables, especially if the number of your guests is not so large. What's important is to avoid too basic arrangements: sometimes is better to completely avoid them, instead of having poor centerpieces. Don't forget that we can recommend you interesting alternatives.


Size and model of decorations and flower arrangements can vary depending on the budget you wish to allocate.For the sweetheart table centerpiece, we recommend a low arrangement on the front side of the table itself. If on the bridal table there are more seats, we need to discuss with you the kind of decoration. Tablecloths, table overlays and napkins, as well as plates, glasses and cutlery, are usually provided by the restaurant or the catering service: if you have a limited budget these items can be the first ones to keep out of your decoration. Kindly remind that the hiring cost of tablecloths includes the dry cleaning (which is very expensive, because of resistant stains of lipstick and of certain foods).


Stationery & signage

  • Welcome sign: € 70/150
  • Ceremony booklet: € 10/20
  • Wedding party list: € 3/10
  • Seating  chart: € 100/250
Table number: € 10/20
  • Placeholder/Name cards: € 2/5
  • Menu: € 1/5
  • Instagram sign: € 10/20
  • Order of Events: € 70/150
  • Drink list: € 30/70
  • Sweets list: € 30/70
What we recommend

A basic decoration should include at least placeholders and menus. The seating chart is recommended when you want to determine where your guests must sit, and when there are many tables or a long imperial table with a lot of guests. Table numbers (or table names) are needed just if you have more than one table. The utility of Instagram sign is just practical: if you indicate the hashtag you have more chance that your guests will tag their photos, letting you to see them after the wedding. Regarding the Order of the Events, you may have a separate sign at the entrance of the venue or include them in the table numbers; if you don't have a day-of coordinator or a MC, we recommend to indicate the Order of the Events both at the ceremony venue and at the reception venue with different signage.



Size and model of stationery can vary depending on the budget you wish to allocate. Just don't forget that the layout of these items is always custom made by our graphic designers, according to the style of the wedding and/or your wedding invitations. For very special items the quote is upon request, but for a simple one you can have a very nice result within your budget.


Additional decorations

  • Welcome table
  • Wish table
  • Sweet table
  • Wedding cake table
  • Initial letters of the couple
What we recommend

These decorations can be either made with some flower arrangements taken from the ceremony decor, or with their own arrangements and items. For the welcome table we can prepare small gifts for your guests, for instance, like hand-fans for ladies. The wish table can have a wish book or a birdcage with cards. For the sweet table (apart the cost of cupcakes, macaroons, lollipos, etc.) you need to consider some risers, trays and few decorations.



The price of these decorations may change according to the specific requests of the couple. An easy way to reduce the budget - as already explained - is to use some arrangements from the ceremony.



  • Lanterns/hurricanes: € 12/15
  • Tea light holders/votives: € 2/5
  • Tall candelabra:  € 35/50
  • Luminara™ candles: usually included
  • Real candles: upon request
  • Crystal chandelier: € 150
What we recommend

For a basic event, few lanterns are enough to decorate the venue. But we recommend to always place on the table(s) as many tea light holders as the number of guests: it's an easy way to have a very nice look without a huge investment. Sometimes, for a very low budget, you can just use votives instead of flower arrangements for the reception. 



If the event takes place indoor, there is no problem for real wax candles; but if it's outdoor, especially in a windy place like Santorini or Mykonos, we recommend to use battery-operated candles. Nevertheless, even indoor, wax candles stain the lanterns with carbon black, and washing them takes a lot of time and labour. That's why when you require real wax candles we charge an extra fee. As for taper candles, they stain too, both the small saucer to collect the wax and most of the times the candlestick: even in that case we recommend to prefer battery-operated candles. In any case, real wax candles are for sure more expensive, because we cannot use them two times. As for crystal chandelier, we assume that where we will place it there is a socket; if not, we need to charge the installation.  



  • Delivery: € 200/400
  • Set up: € 300/500
  • Collection and clean up: € 200/400
What we recommend

If you wish to decrease your budget, it's always better to have the ceremony and the reception at the same venue. You may also save some extra costs by receiving your bouquet(s) not in the hotel, but at the ceremony venue.



These prices refers to a normal delivery, setting and collection service in Santorini. Some venues are located far from the main road, and we should need hand-carrying, because is not possible to reach them with the truck. In this case there is an extra cost. For other destinations out of Santorini, the cost will be indicated in the quote.