Jaimie-May & Terry

[rs_contact_details icon=”fa fa-birthday-cake” title=”Kind of event”]Orthodox wedding[/rs_contact_details]
[rs_contact_details icon=”fa fa-calendar” title=”Date”]7th July 2015[/rs_contact_details]
[rs_contact_details icon=”fa fa-glass” title=”Style”]Luxury, elegant[/rs_contact_details]
[rs_contact_details icon=”fa fa-tint” title=”Color palette”]Ivory, white, gold[/rs_contact_details]
[rs_contact_details icon=”fa fa-cogs” title=”Planning”]Stella & Moscha[/rs_contact_details]
[rs_contact_details icon=”fa fa-camera” title=”Photographer”]Italian Wedding Photography by Jules[/rs_contact_details]
[rs_contact_details icon=”fa fa-home” title=”Ceremony venue”]Metropolis Church, Fira[/rs_contact_details]
[rs_contact_details icon=”fa fa-cutlery” title=”Reception venue”]Theros Wave Bar, Vlichada[/rs_contact_details]
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[rs_image_block image=”18107″][rs_space height=”25px”][rs_space height=”25px”][rs_blockquote cite=”Jaimie-May Surridge” text_color=”#6b3700″ cite_color=”#ebcaa3″ text_size=”15px” cite_size=”10px”]Based on the location It would have been easy for us to opt for the bohemian wedding, however it was important to us both to include Terry’s greek heritage and include the greek orthodox ceremony. There used to be more churches than houses on Santorini, it was important for us to honour this. Jaimie ended up getting christened in Sydney leading up to the wedding.[/rs_blockquote]

A wedding in Santorini is a very exciting prospect for a photographer and I was really happy to have the opportunity to photograph a wedding on the famous little Greek Island. Santorini wedding photographer – that even sounds strange to me and I can’t believe how lucky I was to go there and work with such amazing people.

As a wedding photographer I always work alone but I often work with videographers and I was super happy to be working again with the excellent Marcus Sanders from Soda Films. Santorini in July is hot, parched and very arrid, the temperatures were very high and there was also a strong wind that made dehydration a serious problem for Marcus and I as we ran around the island and lugged equipment all over the place. I know that I came back from this wedding in Santorini several shades darker!

The groom got ready at his uncles house and the bride prepared in a luxurious suite in Imerovigli at the Andromeda Gold Suites. The views from the entire hotel are incredible.

One of the most famous parts of Santorini is the Caldera. According to wikipedia a caldera is a cauldron-like volcanic feature usually formed by the collapse of land following a volcanic eruption. The word is derived from Latin and literally means “cooking pot”. I think that’s extremely appropriate as I certainly felt like I was in a cooking pot whilst I was working!

The Greek wedding took place in The Orthodox Metropolitan Church of Santorini which is located in Fira and looks out over the bay. The ceremony started with the bridal procession, the couple then entered and a lovely orthodox wedding followed (a little bit warm but delightful). After the ceremony the newlyweds exited and were showered with rice. Seeing as many participating were from New Zealand a Haka immediately took place. This is a traditional ancestral dance, from the Māori people of New Zealand, it is famous because the All Black rugby team perform it before a match but it can also be used to acknowledge great achievements and occasions.

After the exhilarating Haka a big group photo was done and then we crossed the road to the Sphinx Bar for some refreshments. I took all the family photos with the amazing famed Santorini sunset in the background and then we left the guests to enjoy the views and drinks whilst we went for a few photos just with the bride and groom.

Once we finished the sunset photos in the unique landscapes we headed to the bottom of the island for a lovely wedding reception at a beach venue tucked away in some amazing rock formations. A traditional greek feast, speeches, cake, and of course a lot of dancing ensued. All I can say in conclusion is that I would love another chance to be a Santorini wedding photographer!

Jules Bower, Wedding Photographer

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