If you have no free time because of a demanding job, or if you have no clue where to start when it comes to planning, and your organizational skills aren’t the greatest; if you have a very short time frame for planning, or if you’re throwing a destination wedding and/or a wedding weekend involving multiple events, you need a complete planning.

As it implies, this service is all encompassing; everything from theme design and the overall concept to welcome gift assembly and everything in between. Perhaps most notably, contract negotiation and site scouting are included in this level of service.

  • Preliminary phone/WhatsApp meeting
  • Sourcing of venues and vendors
  • Meetings with vendors (with or without the couple)
  • Contract review and price negotiation
  • Budget creation and monitoring
  • Creation of detailed itineraries, time-lines & checklists
  • Vendors confirmation
  • E-mails, phone calls, WhatsApp calls with the Client
  • Supervision and coordination of ceremony rehearsal
  • Coordination of the day of the wedding
  • Assistance for legal documents for the civil or the religious wedding
  • Assistance for hotel accommodations and general questions of guests of the wedding
  • Creation of wedding website with general information regarding the wedding weekend events (kindly specify the domain name)

A wedding website is probably the best platform for bringing your guests together in one virtual place. We set it up and then post as much information as you want. It will make planning your event much easier, especially if you can set up alerts to notify people of any changes or news on the site.

While the website provides information,  you can also set up your virtual wedding gift list, send out invitations and get RSVPs sent directly to the site and then set up your table plan online. This keeps all your essential wedding information in one handy place without lots of pieces of paper floating around in a file.

If you add the site’s address to your invitations, your guests should hopefully spend a little of their monthly time online actually checking it, therefore saving on phone calls to you or your mum asking for details about the big day. We can also add directions to your venue and nearby hotels and B&Bs.

  • Supervision of the setting of the ceremony venue and reception venue
  • Contacts with the Client, the family and vendors
  • Itinerary and logistic management
  • Contacts with the staff of the venue and tasks assignment
  • Supervision of vendor arrival, set-up
  • Final payments, gratuities & reconciliation
  • Personal assistant (12 hours)


Additional dedicated assistant(s) to the couple, as well as Master of Ceremonies can be required separately, as well as other tailor-made services.

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