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When the most of planning is already done
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Finishing touches Planning package: when do you need it?

Have you got most of your planning done? Do you need some help bringing your dream to life but also finishing all the last little details? You know where you’re having the reception but you need to finalize the menu, pick the linens, and see if you even like the centrepieces that come free with the room rental.

Fabio Zardi can help get those final details completed and take the stress off you and your fiancée. Let Fabio help you with our finishing touches package, starting from € 1.500.
This package includes:

  • Pre-wedding consultation/meetings with the couple (up to 4 hours)
  • Review of planning & wedding day details
  • Inspection of the venue (*)
  • Sourcing of up to three vendors
  • Meetings with vendors (with or without the couple)
  • Contract review, price negotiation and payments
  • Budget creation and monitoring
  • Creation of detailed itineraries, time-lines & checklists
  • Vendors confirmation
  • E-mails, phone calls, Skype calls with th couple (**)
  • Supervision and coordination of ceremony rehearsal
  • Coordination of the day of the wedding (***)
  • Other bespoke services, according to the requests of the couple

The coordination of the day includes:

  • Supervision of the setting of the ceremony venue
  • Contacts with the couple, the family and vendors
  • Itinerary and logistic management
  • Contacts with the staff of the venue and tasks assignement
  • Supervision of vendor arrival, set-up, final payments, gratuities & reconciliation

It’s understood that all these services are provided just after a letter of appointment and the payment of the deposit.

(*) Travel expenses are not included.
(**) Within the time limit stated in the contract.
(***) Up to 8 hours on site.