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Frequently asked questions

Some questions you may ask before contacting us.

Is Fabio Zardi a planner or a decorator?

Our firm provides wedding planning and event decoration. You can hire our company just for planning, just for decoration or - even better - for both of them.

Where do you work?

We specialize in destination weddings: our firm works mainly in Greece and in Italy, but all services are provided globally.

Do you work just with final customers?

We offer our services to private individuals, planners, hotels and corporates.

Why should I choose your firm?

Because we have an experience of hundreds of events and weddings and enthousiatic reviews from our previous customers. Because Fabio is one of the most influential floral designers in the world. And - of course - because Italian style is famous worldwide.

Do you offer packages?

One-fits-all philosophy is something that we don't like. Your event is unique, and has specific needs: we therefore prefer to have a tailor-made approach and customize our offers.

If you wish to ask for a quote for planning of for decoration, please provide us more details by filling out the Planning Form or the Decoration Form.

“Great experience! Everything was perfect! I couldn't ask for anything better! Very highly recommended! ”

Justyna Kotus, 28th June 2017

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